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Professional Accounting Services

Your business needs Professional Accounting Services for correct and accurate reporting. Here at Palma Financial, we are accounting experts and if you need a Spanish speaking CPA (Contador Publico), look no further. With Palma Financial on your team, you can rest easy knowing the entire accounting aspect of your business is in good hands. Get back to focusing on the business and moving toward a fulfilled vision, with Palma Financial on your side.
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Why do I need an accountant?

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You have a business to run, employees to manage, schedules to adhere to, and personal goals to meet. Imagine how much time you could repurpose to these areas if you delegated your accounting to our Professional Accounting Services.

Save money and time by allowing us to be your accounting experts handling tasks like reviews, audits, payroll, reconciliation and year end closing. Focus on getting that new hire, explore expansion, maybe even take a vacation. All of these and more become possible when you hire Palma Financial as your accounting firm. We do all of this and more as a Spanish speaking CPA as well!
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It’s time to scale your vision and put your business into high gear. You are not going to get to the next level unless you bring in more help, and that help starts with Professional Accounting Services from Palma Financial.

How Can Palma Financial Help Me?

When you hire Palma Financial as your accounting firm, you open up access to many different services and products, such as:


An internal audit of your financials can provide significant benefits. By learning areas where your business can improve, you will directly increase your bottom line.


Bring accountability and accuracy to your accounting process. We reconcile your books to make sure numbers are accurate and dependable.

Year End Closing

End of Year closing can be a stressful time for many business owners. With Palma Financial, we take care of every aspect to ensure your books are closed on time and accurately.

Accounting Support

We can provide consultation support to your existing accounting team, adding levels of accountability and accuracy to your financial records.

Payroll and Taxes

Offload your payroll and tax processing to Palma Financial and get back to focusing on your business. We make sure you are local, state and federal law compliant.

Analyzation & Reporting

The SEC requires the public issuing of financial statements for public companies and the independent review and analyzing of these reports. Let Palma Financial handle the SEC for you.

Sarah Camden

"Having an accountant is valuable. As my business began picking up speed, I realized that I couldn't do accounting myself, and hiring someone full time wasn't an option. Palma Financial fits this need perfectly. Thank you!"

Sarah Camden