Planning Your Business

At Palma Financial Services, Inc. we bring extensive experience and technical knowledge to small businesses that deliver bottom-line results to your organization.

Financial Help and Planning
Business Planning
Palma Planning Your Business

We relieve you from the nightmare of facing the IRS alone while aggressively working to ensure you receive the largest refund possible, or pay no more tax than you rightfully owe.

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How Can Palma Financial Help Me?

Realistic & Creative

We start with a realistic revenue and expense projection. We plan for all case scenarios with extensive modeling for all business cycles.

Unlocking Funds

There are plenty of State and Federal grants available for new and existing businesses– and we know where to find them.

Bookkeeping & Records

Record keeping is the single most important part of your business. We are an experienced, highly reliable bookkeeping service offering financial advice, monthly reconciliation of all bank statements, and an open door policy when it comes to understanding all of the basics of your everyday accounts.

Advisors & Tax Planners

We are, of course, your professional tax adviser as well. We can help you maximize your business write-offs and help address the legal issues like employment taxes as your business continues to grow.

Incorporation Services

We can help you understand the reasons to incorporate to protect yourself from the personal liabilities inherent in an LLC. We can help you determine which business structure is right for you, whether it be a partnership, LLC, PLLC, C corporation, S corporation or another business option.


"I needed help planning for the future in my business. Miguel Palma with Palma Financial was able to understand my vision, and help me execute it. Now I rely on him for many things in my business."