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You need a CFO who is competent, knowledgeable, and experienced. Miguel Palma with Palma Financial is your answer.

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If you are in the position of having to find a new CFO, you are in luck. We’ve taken the legwork and guesswork out of the equation for you. Miguel Palma is the Financial Officer your business needs to increase profits, cut costs, lift your bottom line, and o pen the next chapter of growth in your company.

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Visioned, Focused, and Meaningful Financial Decision Making

Visioned, Focused, and Meaningful Financial Decision Making

When your company has a vacant executive seat, it makes big picture decision making and trajectory scaling cumbersome and challenging. When it comes to finding a qualified candidate for a CFO position, the process can be grueling. Matching qualities that you need, experience that is proven, value that makes a difference, and personality types that mesh well takes meticulous planning.

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Your CFO must share the vision of your executive team in order to be a part of the team. By working together, we will understand exactly what your vision is, what the future of your company looks like, and proactively plan for it. But it’s not enough to just have someone who can help you plan ahead. You need a partner, someone who can make recommendations and difficult decisions to support your vision. We are that partner.

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Experience That Counts: CPA, PFS, CGMA

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We don’t know what the future holds and when it comes to business, we must be prepared for every possible wrench that could derail our goals. With Miguel from Palma Financial, you’re getting a guide for the future of your business, backed by expert knowledge, decades of experience, and tried and true techniques. With Miguel from Palma Financial as your CFO, you’re not just getting someone who is credentialed and experienced. You have a partner with a track record of proven results in implementing systems, future forecasting, and an efficiency expert that will bring your company to the next level. Miguel Palma has over 20 years of experience as a CPA, PFS, and CGMA.

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Financial Reporting

A CFO must report accurately and timely to the board of directors on current financial conditions and make recommendations to achieve goals set by the company.

Proactive Consulting

Your CFO must be able to use all the financial talents, experience, reports, and data they have to make decisions and consult the executive team using a proactive and holistic approach.

Debt, Equity, Financing

A CFO must find the perfect balance of debt, equity, and internal financing to keep operations running, ensure smooth cash flow and support day to day buying and selling.

Capital Structure

Being able to balance debt, equity, and financing, means creating a capital structure for your company. Your CFO must have a deep understanding of your capital structure and know when or how to make changes.

Economic Forecasting

A CFO is not only responsible for the past and current financial state of your company, but they are also responsible for the future. They must be able to forecast the future of your company finances and make appropriate recommendations based on these forecasts.

Controller Duties

Your CFO must be able to plan, direct, and coordinate with all accounting operations and functions. The accumulation and consolidation of all financial data must be managed for an accurate consolidation of business reports both internally and externally.


"My old CFO left the company, and we did not have one for way too long. Not only was Miguel able to help bring things up to speed, but he helped me put together a tailored plan for the future with goals and ideas for my company. I am thrilled with my choice!""

Donald J.