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Scale your vision and put your business into high gear. Palma Financial is in your corner. Let's plan for your future, together.

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Maximize Your Tax Reduction

If you need income tax services and are looking to get the most possible refund you can from your taxes, then Palma Financial is the place you need. Our clients know they are working with income tax specialists because they get the absolute maximum refund when we do their returns, and it’s all 100% legal!
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Minimize Your Liability

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Stop paying Uncle Sam more than you have to! We are the premier tax preparation, San Jose CPA firm. I take care of my clients when preparing their taxes and make sure they pay the least amount possible! Go on vacation, buy that new car finally, or just put more money in your savings; all of these become possible when you work with us for income tax services.

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Plan For The Road Ahead

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Income tax preparation must be done every year and it must be done correctly. This means at the absolute minimum, we meet once a yea. But my best clients meet with me much more frequently as we talk about ways to keep tax bills low and keep tax refunds high.

How Can Palma Financial Help Me?

There are numerous ways of ensuring that you stay ahead of the IRS, proactively avoid any potential audits, and strategically positioning your assets so that moving forward your tax liability REMAINS low, keeping more of your hard earned cash in your pocket.

Business & Personal Taxes

We are income tax specialists. That means we don’t just do personal tax returns. We have the capability of preparing and filing even the most complex business tax returns.

Prepare Financial Statements

Accurate and timely financial statements that you can rely on to make future planning decisions. If you don’t know your financial statements, you are wandering in the dark.

Audit Representation

We are uniquely qualified to represent you should the IRS decide an audit is required. This means you don’t have to worry; we will do all the work!

Valuate Your Business

We also have the qualifications to appraise your business accurately, should you decide you want to sell your business, or for the purpose of obtaining credit.

Future Tax Planning

What are you going to do next year about your tax situation? Have you thought about how to proactively lower your tax liability? With Palma by your side, these questions are answered.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

The SEC requires the public issuing of financial statements for public companies and the independent review and analyzing of these reports. Let Palma Financial handle the SEC for you.


"For years I looked for a CPA that I could trust and who would look for ways to get my taxes done fast and accurately. When I finally found Miguel Palma, from Palma Financial, I knew my search was over. I’ve been going back for the last 10 years since then!"

Maria Hernandez